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I'm Megan Edison - A free-form artist turned graphic designer with a deep seeded need for creative outlets. I believe graphic design is an art form and deserves the same effort, attention, and adoration that I show toward all other artistic medias I practice. I strive to never stop learning and growing in the creative field, as it is the outlet that I live for.


West Virginia University


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About Me

Want to know a little about me? Well, here are the basics...
I was born and raised in Wheeling, WV and moved to Morgantown, WV after I graduated West Liberty University with Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. I currently work for WVU as a graphic designer and live in a quiet little apartment with my two cocker spaniels that I talk to like they're fuzzy little people.
Want to know a little outside the basics?
I'm a lead vocalist and lyricist for a Hard Rock/Metal band called Writing off Tomorrow. I'm also a classically trained violinist that has been studying the instrument since I was 5-years-old and a self-taught guitarist, bassist, drummer, and mandolin player (I grew up in the boondocks of West Virginia and there was little to do but draw, create giant He-Man vs. Ninja Turtle war scenes in the yard with my brothers, and learn how to play all the instruments I could get my hands on). I've been in 4 different bands over the course of the last 15 years and am a co-owner of small independent record label. I am the sole graphic and web designer for the label.
Finally, I'm a painter, sculptor, graphite and charcoal artist, and an assemblage artist.
I have come to find that I have no "off" button for my creativity and I adore finding different outlets for it.
I also enjoy horror movies and BATMAN cartoons and am a fiend for licorice jellybeans and a good book. :)

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E-mail me at: Jedison72@gmail.com
Or call me at: 304-238-3506